IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

13 June 2010

Mercy Seat Revelation & Empowerment

And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the testimony, about everything which I will give you in commandment to the children of Israel.”
Exodus 25:22

"Meet Me at the mercy seat, and there I will meet with you and speak to you between the wings at the mercy seat."

It is these words that I obeyed and followed and met with the Lord yesterday. With a heaviness in my heart and not able to wait till I got home, I parked my car in a vacant parking lot to seek the Lord at the mercy seat, I began to call on His mercy and grace for my family and the people, desperate for a breakthrough. I heard Him say, "I did it all already. I paid the price. I shed my blood. I gave my life. I broke the curse. It's all been done, now YOU go and appropriate it."
I began to thank Him for all that He had done, for His blood, for His sacrifice, for His love, for the payment of His life for our life. I began to apply and appropriate the blood of Jesus to my family, and to the different people that the Lord brought to my mind, over each family member, their house and their minds, their property and their finances. I began to declare the truth that the blood had broken the power of the curse, the power of the enemy, and that the devil had no power over them. I began to declare them purchased, redeemed, and brought back into right graces with the Father again and declare that they are blessed, redeemed and prospering, that the blessing of God was upon them. 
I began to speak life over them, that the spirit of death had been broken and rendered powerless, that poverty and lack had been broken, fear and doubt had been broken, chains and bondages of addictions broken. I began to declare that life, health and prosperity was theirs because of what the blood had purchased for them. The Holy Spirit filled that car. It was a powerful time of prayer and thanksgiving for all that was ours for the receiving. I felt the power, presence and anointing of God as I prayed and was encouraged in my spirit when just minutes before I was so heavy and weighted down. God had lifted me up out of the pit and set my feet upon the Rock of Jesus Christ and made my eyes and my head to be high above my enemies. I praise God for His Holy Spirit and this place of grace at the mercy seat that He has promised to meet with us. It's here that He reveals His heart and releases His mercy and grace and wisdom to the passionate and desperate one that will seek Him with their whole heart.
I thank You, Lord, for this fresh revelation and power in prayer. I thank You for empowering me to declare the truth of what has been purchased for us and to speak these things into the atmosphere. I thank You that as I declare and speak these things in faith that they create what they say. Like You, Father, I create with my spoken words. Thank You for bringing me back to this truth again. Your Word says, "They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony."

We overcome by the power of the blood, our acceptance and appropriation of the blood of Jesus, and our declaration and testimony of the truth of what it's purchased. We declare it in the midst of the adverse circumstances. We change the circumstances by the power of our words. It's in our God given DNA. We declare Kingdom reality to change and create and bring forth those Kingdom manifestations.
Help me Lord to establish this foundational truth and principle in my life and to stay in continual praise for all these things You have done. Help me to faithfully seek You here at the mercy seat, to practice these truths and to see the fruit of them so that I may teach them to others. Amen

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