IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

25 August 2011

The Glory Cloud

Last Saturday night the Lord gave Tanya, one of our intercessors, a vision that she sent as a text to Carmie, another of our intercessors. Tanya shared that she saw a vision of a huge cloud with our pastor standing and facing the cloud, and then he just stepped into it. She said she couldn't see through the cloud, but he was completely submerged in it. Then she saw an opening in the cloud like a window and saw only Pastor's hand and forearm come out of the cloud, and he was waving us to come into the cloud with him. As Tanya shared this vision with her, Carmie sent her a text and picture saying, "You have to see this!" It was a picture from her cell phone that she had taken just a few minutes before on that same Saturday evening!


How awesome this is....God put His own exclamation point on that vision.
As I meditated on this picture and this vision that the Lord gave Tanya of Pastor stepping into the cloud and his arm coming out of the cloud waving and inviting us into it with him, I began to see us all one by one stepping into the cloud with Pastor, stepping into His glory. And as we all began to join him in the glory cloud with our passionate and hungry hearts, the cloud began to get so full and heavy that the weight of it caused the cloud to begin descending to the earth. 
Then I thought of how we cry out for God's glory to come down, but here He was showing me that He is inviting us to come up into this Spirit realm and into this glory cloud with HIM, and when we do this THEN His glory comes down. It's our hearts joined with His, it's us getting totally lost in Him corporately that brings the glory down through us.
     O Lord, we want to go up so You will come down. We step into this cloud of glory with You. We follow our pastor into Your glory. Fill us and transform us and let us radiate Your glory into all the earth. Illuminate us with Your glory and cause us to reflect the radiance of Your countenance. Cause our lives to be the very reflection of Your power and glory. Amen

From the book "Revival Glory" by Ruth Ward Heflin:
“The moving cloud was a very strange phenomenon which the children of Israel experienced on their way to the Promised Land. The cloud was a visible sign of GOD’S presence, just as glory is the manifested presence of  GOD’S presence with us today. Sometimes they saw the cloud and sometimes they didn’t, and glory can be visible or invisible.  It comes by revelation. The cloud is a visible sign (of change) just as the glory cloud is for us. The cloud was equivalent to the spoken commandment of the LORD, a visible sign of the spoken word of GOD.”

Let us be lifted up into realms we have never known before. 
Let us be taught of the Spirit.
Let the heavens be opened unto us, and let us understand 
Your glory cloud and how to live under it continually. 
Take us from all fear of moving on, for we know that the
   place into which You lead us is the place of blessing. 
We, therefore, are determined to move on with You into the new.
                                         Revelation 4:1-2

Thank you Carmie and Tanya for sharing these experiences and words from the Lord to reveal His heart and glory.


  1. As the Lord kept me in this vision and word on "The Glory Cloud", I stepped into the glory cloud, and basking and soaking in His glory, I said, "Lord, what does Your glory look like on me?" I wanted to know what it would look like during my everyday life. And He began to show me things, ways in which His glory was and would be reflected in my life, ways in which He was and was going to be glorified through me in the future. It was like He was showing me different facets of my life and how He was being revealed through me, through my personality and through the giftings that He's put in me. Then He began to say, "Walk in this. This is how I see you. This is how My glory is revealed and reflected through you." It was very freeing to see through His eyes, to see what HE sees.

    Then this morning in service and during a rich time of worship and ascending into His glory and presence, I asked the Lord, "What does Your glory look like on us corporately when we're in this glory cloud?" And then He showed His two hands cupped together, and they were holding a mound of diamonds. He said, "You look like this: My treasures, My diamonds, My precious possessions." Then He began to show me the brilliance of His light reflected through us corporately, and how His glory and light illuminating through the different facets of our lives and our differences, and how they reflected into one another and caused His light to shine brighter into each other and out of us together corporately. It was an incredible revelation that He was showing me through this; one in how He reflected out of me individually and separately, but even greater how He reflected out of us corporately. Not only did we illuminate Him to the world in a greater and more brilliant way corporately, but we caused a brighter and more brilliant light from Him to reflect into each one of us by our "togetherness" in Him.

    O how the Lord is drawing us together in unity into His glory, how He is drawing us up out of our natural and into His supernatural, and how He is wanting us to join our hearts together in worship and adoration that He might reflect His glory through us in a brighter and more brilliant way in this last hour. When the world is getting darker He is drawing His Church and His Bride up into His glory that He may illuminate Himself in a brilliant way through her. Jesus is our answer. Jesus is our only hope of light and life brought into this world. We have got to lift our eyes and hearts up to Him and let His Spirit carry us into His glory that He may be transformed in His presence and illuminate and empower us by His Spirit to walk a supernatural walk, doing supernatural things that only a supernatural God living in and through us can do.

  2. This reminds me of a vision I had in 2004. I saw a large glass vessel. It was clean, shimmering and magnificent. Being glass, it symbolized transparency with nothing to hide. It glistened so much that it must have been cut glass. It had a magnetic beauty that people couldn't ignore and was beckoning to all who came near. Not only were people able to see in, but those inside could see out as well. As I waited to be prayed over, I expected the vessel to be filled with light. .. no light appeared. Then, I saw a clay pot above, ready to pour out. . I expected to see water, yet no water appeared. Then, a great flow of sand came pouring out into the glass vessel! God's thoughts toward us are greater than the sand of the sea@ (Psalm 139:17-18)
    The Pastor had quoted the verse about the promise to Abraham...that because of his obedience, God would bless him and his descendants would be as the stars of the heaven and the sand which is on the seashore; and they would possess the gate of their enemies. The vessel that sparkled as the stars was being filled with the "sand of the sea!" This vessel wasn't only my vessel . . it represented the Church!
    Later in the week, while in prayer, I felt as though God was saying the Church needs to be seen as clean, yet real and effective; and there must be no secrets. Our lives must be transparent so that others can see the power of God at work in our lives and hope for their own healing. (not feel as though they can't measure up) The cut glass of the vessel even represented the cutting of the body of Christ.
    The vessel began to rotate . . so all the world could see the Glory of God. The sheen of the clean vessel allowed the light to freely shine through, but it was not the kind of clean that said, "Don't touch." Sunlight shining through cut glass reflects colors that represent the rainbow.
    That vision impressed me to pray for healing of diseases--in bodies and souls: renewal of love, respect, connection in marriages; mental illness that carries shame and defeat; hidden sins; and the lies of satan that put people in bondage. These are some of the hidden hindrances o the Church that need to be exposed and extinguished.