IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

31 May 2010

God's DNA in You

Laminin - the glue and rebar of the human body, the protein molecule that holds your body together.
Watch this YouTube clip on Laminin:
I don't believe it's a coincidence. I believe God showed it to us as a picture of His DNA in us.

For those that will believe, the cross, the blood, and all it purchased for you is part of your very DNA, it's part of God, your Creator and Father's DNA inside you; and it's greater than your rebellion, your pride and your self-will, because "greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." If you will only believe and turn your heart to God, this DNA is able to break through all of it and bring you back to who and what you were created for.

God created you and knew you were going to need redemption from your sin and waywardness, and He placed the DNA of His life source in you before you were even born.  He had already staked His claim on your life, impregnated your body with His love and a declaration and statement of Whose you were and how you were to find your way back to Him and to your divine purpose.
The cross, the blood and the resurrected life of Christ Jesus in you is your source of renewed life and hope.  When you've come to your "dead-end" and you give up on all your attempts to "fix it", then your life surrendered to His by accepting the cross, the blood and His life in you will be your "new beginning", a life set on coarse and on a journey of life changed and transformed by God Himself. When you do this, you step into your inheritance and the journey of your divine purpose.  It's God's DNA in you. His life in you waiting to be surrendered to and embraced.

May this word and this little video clip about laminin encourage you if you have a loved one that is lost or away from the Lord. The cross is embedded in their very cells. As you continue to pray for them the Holy Spirit will breathe on them and bring them to that cross to receive the revelation of Christ in them.

22 May 2010

A Testimony of His Healing Power

As I left my house the other morning with the revelation of this last posting "Go Out With Joy", I left saying, "I am going out with Your presence, Lord, and being led forth with Your peace, and the mountains and the hills of impossibilty are breaking forth before me."   Saying those words, "going out with Your presence" did something in me that day. Instead of a focus on His joy and victory, my focus and awareness was of His presence in me, the awesomeness of His power and abiding presence in me that I was carrying with me into my day, the knowing that nothing that the enemy threw my way would be able to stand or erode at my victory and joy, because "in His presence (that abided in me) was fullness of joy, and I was taking it with me. 
My day was different that day. It was a day that was "full of joy" but yet rested and peaceful. And at the end of the day, the Lord set up a divine appointment. I called my mom to see how she was feeling, as she had been having some back pain and wasn't getting the relief from it from resting, heating pad, etc. I was scheduled to go over to her house after work for her to sign some papers that we were working on, and when I called she was nearly in tears because the pain was so great and none of her pain medication was relieving it. She wanted to make sure I was still coming. I confirmed that I was, and knew then that the Lord had set this up so that I would take "His presence" over to her, lay my hand on her back and let Him heal her. On my way over to her house, I was confirming in my spirit and with the Lord His Word in Isaiah 53:4 that Jesus borne our sicknesses and carried away our pains. When I got to my mom's place I laid my hand on her back, the place of pain, and I told her, "Mother, Jesus took your pain." I just let my hand remain there as she closed her eyes and took in that word and we sat quietly letting the Lord and the anointing move through my hand. Then she said, "OK" and instructed me to go get the papers that we needed to sign and take care of. We completed that, and before I left, I laid my hand on her back again, and I said, "Mother, Jesus also healed you.", and once again, she closed her eyes, and we sat quietly as the Lord and the anointing flowed through my hand and into her body.
The next morning I called her to see how she was feeling, and she was so excited!  She said, "I wanted to call you last night at 10 o'clock, because when I got up at that time to go to the bathroom, my back wasn't hurting at all!"  Even this day, two days later, she is still pain free!  So praise the Lord, we were both excited and encouraged by what the Lord had done through this divine appointment. The Lord encouraged me in that He showed me how that "abiding presence" in me will be used to heal as He brings the opportunity to me, and to remain focused on His presence in me, seizing the opportunity as it comes for Him to work and be glorified through the gift of healing that He wants to activate in me.
I testify of this to bring God the glory of what He is doing, but also to encourage others as you read this to embrace the revelation of Him in you, the Anointed One that lives in you and works through you as well, to yield and respond in faith to the opportunities that He brings into your path.
God wants to move mightily through His Body in this hour and through our hands as we "take His presence with us" and seize the opportunity.

18 May 2010

Go Out With Joy

I've been hearing in my spirit, "Go out with joy and be lead forth with peace, and the mountains and the hills will break forth before you."  These mountains of impossibility that stand before us will break and shatter before us as we go forth in the joy and victory that is ours in Christ Jesus.

After a few tough days that challenged me in this word, I was asking the Lord, "How do I go out of this secret place that is so sweet and joyful and go into a world that seems to instantly and constantly erode at my joy, and be successful in this Word that You've given me?"
I heard the Lord say, "In My presence is fullness of joy. Learn to take My presence, that abiding and resting place in Me, with you wherever you go. When My presence is your focus and goal and constant quest, you will find it. You will find Me when you seek Me with ALL of your heart. The problem lies in that of your divided heart, seeking Me, but at the same time seeking your own comfort and pleasure in other things, not fully surrendering ALL to Me.  My love and grace are sufficient for you for all that you are facing.  Keep your eyes and heart focused on Me. My blessings and the life that I give you are more satisfying and fulfilling than any that you will find in the world."
O Lord, forgive me for my divided heart, for seeking my own pleasures above Your presence and righteousness in my life.  Forgive us as a Body for allowing the pleasures and comforts and things of this world to distract us and draw us away from You.  Lord, give us undivided hearts.  Give us a hunger for Your presence alone, Your presence that superseeds everything that comes our way.  Give us that passion to know You, that passion and persistance that is stronger than life's circumstances and the world's enticements.  You alone, Lord, are who and what we need.  You alone, Jesus. 
O Lord, as we find and embrace Your heart and life, locking our hearts around Yours, we WILL be able to "go out with joy and be led forth with peace, and the mountains and the hills WILL break forth before us", and it will ALL be to Your glory.  Amen and amen

06 May 2010

She Stood Up & Prophesied

This last Sunday the Lord showed me two visions in the Spirit. In preprayer before the AM service as we were praying together in our heavenly prayer language, we hit a vein where we all reached the same sound and began to flow and rise in unity together in this single sound. I felt and could see in the Spirit as we rose up in one accord and then we began to fly as one single eagle high above the mountain tops. Those mountains that were SO large, now as we rose above them into that spirit realm that we were created for, appeared only as a flat  plane. (The circumstances had not necessarily changed, but we were now living high above them in victory. Our whole perspective had changed in this high realm, and we were not effected by them any longer but were living and soaring above them.)

Then later during the PM service the Lord gave me a vision as we spent the evening soaking in His presence. I saw the Bride of Christ lying face up on the ground and she was waking up. And as she woke up she could only lift her head, because she had all these cords that were stretched across her and that had her tied down. In her inability to move she could only lift her head and look around, and she saw large mountains all around her. Then I saw angels begin to move quickly and cut and severe the cords and cut her free. Then I saw her begin to rise up and stand to her feet, and I heard in my spirit "Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered." Then I saw as she stood up, she was HUGE! She was SOOOOO TALL! She stood soooo high in that spirit realm that she was created for and then she began to point her finger down to the people and to the earth, and she began to prophesy. She began to prophesy and command with authority, "Wealth of the wicked, be transfered now to the righteous! Wealth of the wicked, be transfered NOW to this house of God as a sign and a wonder that the blessing of God is upon this house because His presence is in this house." I felt in my spirit such a strength and power and authority that was flowing out of her. The Lord showed me that she had woken up from her slumber and found herself tied and bound by the things of this world. And I believe in response to the intercession of Jesus and His co-laborers, His intercessors, that angels were dispatched and began to cut His bride free from these cords, and she began to rise up into that realm of the Spirit that she was created for and began to release the power of His spoken Word, and it was being done.
This vision so encouraged and strengthened me and empowered me to begin to prophesy and declare things, those things that were not as though they were. This place high in the Spirit is where we were created for. As we get free from the entanglements of the world and rise up to this place, we see from a whole different perspective and are empowered by His Spirit to live and operate in a whole different strength and authority, one that's God given.

       "You will know the truth and the truth will make you free."
                                                  John 8:32