IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

25 August 2011

The Glory Cloud

Last Saturday night the Lord gave Tanya, one of our intercessors, a vision that she sent as a text to Carmie, another of our intercessors. Tanya shared that she saw a vision of a huge cloud with our pastor standing and facing the cloud, and then he just stepped into it. She said she couldn't see through the cloud, but he was completely submerged in it. Then she saw an opening in the cloud like a window and saw only Pastor's hand and forearm come out of the cloud, and he was waving us to come into the cloud with him. As Tanya shared this vision with her, Carmie sent her a text and picture saying, "You have to see this!" It was a picture from her cell phone that she had taken just a few minutes before on that same Saturday evening!


How awesome this is....God put His own exclamation point on that vision.
As I meditated on this picture and this vision that the Lord gave Tanya of Pastor stepping into the cloud and his arm coming out of the cloud waving and inviting us into it with him, I began to see us all one by one stepping into the cloud with Pastor, stepping into His glory. And as we all began to join him in the glory cloud with our passionate and hungry hearts, the cloud began to get so full and heavy that the weight of it caused the cloud to begin descending to the earth. 
Then I thought of how we cry out for God's glory to come down, but here He was showing me that He is inviting us to come up into this Spirit realm and into this glory cloud with HIM, and when we do this THEN His glory comes down. It's our hearts joined with His, it's us getting totally lost in Him corporately that brings the glory down through us.
     O Lord, we want to go up so You will come down. We step into this cloud of glory with You. We follow our pastor into Your glory. Fill us and transform us and let us radiate Your glory into all the earth. Illuminate us with Your glory and cause us to reflect the radiance of Your countenance. Cause our lives to be the very reflection of Your power and glory. Amen

From the book "Revival Glory" by Ruth Ward Heflin:
“The moving cloud was a very strange phenomenon which the children of Israel experienced on their way to the Promised Land. The cloud was a visible sign of GOD’S presence, just as glory is the manifested presence of  GOD’S presence with us today. Sometimes they saw the cloud and sometimes they didn’t, and glory can be visible or invisible.  It comes by revelation. The cloud is a visible sign (of change) just as the glory cloud is for us. The cloud was equivalent to the spoken commandment of the LORD, a visible sign of the spoken word of GOD.”

Let us be lifted up into realms we have never known before. 
Let us be taught of the Spirit.
Let the heavens be opened unto us, and let us understand 
Your glory cloud and how to live under it continually. 
Take us from all fear of moving on, for we know that the
   place into which You lead us is the place of blessing. 
We, therefore, are determined to move on with You into the new.
                                         Revelation 4:1-2

Thank you Carmie and Tanya for sharing these experiences and words from the Lord to reveal His heart and glory.

16 August 2011

Express Your Love to Him Freely

Ministering to a dear sister in Christ today, hearing her heart as she expressed her hesitation in one of our recent Friday night glory services, she was sharing her hesitation and disappointment by not moving out to the altar in what she desired to be an expression of her embrace to the Lord as He was calling and drawing her. She didn't know her "position" and didn't know if it would be received by others. As I heard her heart and hesitation the Spirit of the Lord rose up in me to speak a release to her, and now I believe He wants to speak it to each one of us. He is wanting us FREE! He is wanting us to hear and feel Him and move with Him by His Spirit in the house.
The Word that is coming forth SO strong in our Monday night intercessory meetings is "GREAT GRACE".

So, I speak GREAT GRACE over us as a whole that we will just simply follow God's impressions and leading, that we would be totally FREE from our mindset of how we think of ourselves (our positions in the house etc) and just step into Him and do what His Spirit is prompting us to do. As I shared with my sister in Christ, I don't know if any of us KNOW what our position is in the house, but we have got to just get so full of HIM that it doesn't matter, that position and title and all that stuff is just chaff and we just DO and SAY what we see and hear Him showing and speaking to us. I just speak that RELEASE over us, that we are FREE and singleminded and focused on the ONE that we are there for. We are a Body that is there for HIM and it makes no difference what others think or say. I say, if the Lord prompts you, GO FOR IT! These are not days as usual. He is taking His Church out of the control of man and into the control of the Holy Spirit. If we are truly hearing and being lead by the Spirit then we need to be OBEDIENT to the Spirit and let HIM lead. Everything will flow and fall into place as we obey.
As this word keeps running through my spirit I keep seeing the Lord as a great and mighty Orchestrator, and He is there in the sanctuary creating and doing something powerful and magnificent, and we are His orchestra and instruments being led by His mighty hand and wand and movement of the Spirit. And none of us is more important or significant than the other. We are ALL part of His mighty and magnificent creation and production as He swings His arms and His wand of the Spirit. Sometimes He points His wand at one of us and we speak and declare, other times He points and we bow and lay prostrate, other times He points and at us and we run and dance and swirl, and other times He points and we weep and repent. Oh it is a magnificent work indeed. It is not something that any man can do. It is truly a work of the Spirit, and we must ALL be sensitive to it and yielded to His leading and prompting. God is wanting to do SO MUCH in and through us in His house of worship. It is HIS house and HE wants to be glorified through us, through our obedience and our wholehearted yieldedness to His leading. So let's be focused on HIM as never before. Let's keep our eyes on the Master Orchestrator and be sensitive to His leading and prompting. We don't want to miss one note by our self-absorption or insecurity. We want to be totally focused, sensitive, yielded and obedient to His leading.

We love You, Lord, and look to YOU.  
We WILL do and say what You lead us to say and do. To YOU be ALL the glory for ALL that You are doing in and through us. 
Amen and Amen