IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

03 November 2012

Hidden In Christ

 "And the Lord said, 'Here is a place by Me,
and you shall stand on the rock.  So it shall be,
while My glory passes by, that I will put you in
the cleft of the rock."   
Exodus 33:21,22 

I am hidden in Christ, in the cleft of the Rock, in the cleft of His side. As He is seated at the right hand of the Father, so am I. Everything that belongs to Jesus and that He has access to, so do I. All favor, riches, power and authority that has been given to Him by the Father is mine as well, because I am in Him. I am one with Jesus, and we are one with the Father. The Holy Spirit lives in me and through me, and I walk and commune with the Father just as Jesus did while He walked here on the earth. The power and authority that the Father gave Jesus He now gives me as I am IN Jesus.  Those things that Jesus did I will do also and greater things will I do, because Jesus goes to the Father and makes intercession for me. I am the extention of His body and have been given the assignment to carry on His good works and glorify the Father. The works that I do are not mine, but they are the Father's given, released and manifested through me by Jesus in me and me in Him.

They that dwell in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. This place at His side, in the very cleft of His side, is an intimate place of oneness and abiding. It's a place that you see His goodness pass before you, His mercy and lovingkindness extended to those that you carry in your heart and that you have prayed and interceded for. It's a place of His glory revealed through His goodness and mercy and supernatural blessings. Ahhhh it is a glorious place to be, to rest and abide and be able to draw upon the goodness and mercy and faithfulness of our God. O how precious is this place that He has reserved for them that love Him and that will seek Him with their whole heart. Father God waits on us to come and be with Him there, to draw away from the busyness, pressures and distractions that society and that our daily life brings upon us. He patiently waits as we continually learn and experience that nothings and no one but Him alone will satisfy us and give us the peace and joy and fulfillment that we long and search for. God's abiding presence in our lives is all we need and should be the constant motivation and focus of our attention and life. Out of His abiding presence will come the fulfilling of your life's purpose. "In His presence is fulness of joy." Out of this abiding presence you will receive the joy, peace, love and strength to guide you through your life's purpose and BE and receive all that you need.

Draw us, Father, into this place and give us revelation of this intimate place that You have reserved for each one of us in the very cleft of the Rock of Jesus Christ. Amen
Ex 33:20-23, Jn 14:12, Ps 91:1, Ps 16:11

23 September 2012

Intercession at the Cross

The Cross - the place of New Beginnings

"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those
who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is
the power of God unto salvation."
1 Cor 1:18

     As an intercessor who seeks to know, feel and hear the heart of God, I stand in the gap and I gather these that I love and that God has called me to pray for; my family, my church, my city, my nation, and even this world, and I gather them in as a mother hen would gather her chicks. (Matt 23:37)  I gather them in around the cross, and I bring them by the power of the Spirit to a place of surrender and deliverance.  And along with them I bring all the lying demons of torment and control that have held them bound; all the demons of fear, anxiety, depression and oppression, the antichrist spirits of atheism, doubt, and unbelief, the spirits of pride, rebellion and self will, the perverse spirits of lust and pornography, the spirits of addiction, jealousy and anger, the spirits of poverty, lack and greed, sickness and infirmity.  And I bring them all to the cross, applying the blood of Jesus over them, letting it run down over their minds and bodies.  It's here at the cross where the demons are disarmed. It's here where their powers are broken and where the captives, the ones that I love and that God loves, are set free.  And it's here where Jesus disarms those spirits and makes an open show and a public display and spectacle out of them. (Col 2:15)  The power is in the blood of Jesus.  It's at the foot of the cross.  It's at this place of surrender and receiving by faith all that Jesus did for us 2000 years ago and continues to do for us everyday.  It's here that the demons lose their hold and that the new resurrected life that's found in Christ Jesus takes place.  And it's here that a person receives deliverance from the bondages of the old and the grace, anointing and empowering for their new life to begin again.

In my defeats and failures I always find comfort and strength at the cross. In the exchange of my brokeness, weakness, fears, doubts, disappointments and sins of my yet unsanctified carnel nature, I take comfort and strength in the repenting, crucifying and disarming of these things and the receiving of the new, refreshing and empowering of the Spirit of the living God that is resurrected once again on the inside of me through Christ Jesus. It's here at the cross that I come to know Him in a fresh, deep and intimate way, that I come to know and feel the depth of His love for me and for the world and the sea of lives and souls that He gave His life for.
It's so easy to get distracted and covered up in the cares of this world, so easy to let the old habits, behaviors and attitudes of my old carnal nature creep back in and allow the distractions and cares of this world to pull me away from this precious place of seeking God's heart and the face of Jesus that I treasure so dearly so that I may truly know Him. It's times like these that I know how easily and quickly I am set off course unless I purpose to guard this place as the treasure that it is, and unless I guard and prioritize my time with Him, reading and meditating on His Word and lifting my heart and voice in praise and worship to Him. As lovers of God He needs to hear our love and adoration for Him, but SO DO WE. You and I need to hear our soul pouring out its love and passion to the Lover of our soul. Your relationship with Him is strengthened and focused as you share your love for Him through your worship. Praise says "Thank You". Worship says "I love You."  He needs to hear "I love You" more often through our worship and sacrifice of praise. 
So if you have missed out on this, if you have gotten off course and lost your joy, if you have known the Lord and given your life to Him but have somehow missed the mark,  it's at the cross that this new life and victory can begin again. It's at the cross where you can begin to experience the new life of freedom in the Spirit that you were created for.

Do you need a new beginning?  Do you need things to change in your life?  Do you need to start over?  I invite you to come to the cross.  I invite you to come and receive the healing and restoration that is yours through Christ Jesus at the foot of the cross.  It's the place of total surrender, the place of new beginnings, the place of starting all over again, the place where the new life - the resurrected life of the Christ in you has its new beginning. 
Bring your defeats, your failures, your disappointments, your broken heart and the broken pieces of your life that don't seem to make sense anymore, and lay them at the cross.  Then wrap your arms and life around the cross, drawing upon its life and power, and let the exchange take place. Feel the washing, cleansing, and empowering of the cross. It's here that there is a supernatural tranference of God's life giving power that takes place, where He breathes new life into you replacing the old with the new, replacing the brokenness with His healing and the old life with the new life of the Spirit.  And bring with you those tormenting spirits of fear, anxiety, depression, oppression and addiction.  It's here at the cross that those powers are broken off your life.  Jesus disarms them by the power of the blood that was shed from His body upon the cross.  As you receive what He did for you through the cross by faith, you receive the delivering power of His blood and it's here that He makes a public display and spectacle out of them and triumphs over them and you receive the victory that is yours through Christ Jesus. (Col 2:13-15)   
It's supernatural. It's only something that He can do, but it's yours to receive.

The power of the's the place of New Beginning. 

09 September 2012

Facade VS Truth - The Reality

"While we look not at the things which are seen,
 but at the things which are not seen,
 for the things that are seen are temporal,
 but those things that are not seen are eternal."
2 Cor 4:8 

As born again believers when we're living & walking in the Spirit, circumstances and symptoms are like a facade. They're like a painted canvas that stands before us tugging at our five senses but that hides the truth of what is truly ours as children of God. The definition of a facade is "a superficial appearance or illusion of something." Negative circumstances are superficial and illude us from seeing and knowing what is really ours through Christ Jesus. It appears real, but behind that facade, that painted canvas, is the truth. Behind it is the reality of the redeemed.  Behind it is the truth and reality of your redemptive state. It may not be seen in the natural yet but it IS the reality of the redeemed. "While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen for the things that are seen are temporal, but those things that are not seen are eternal." (2 Cor 4:8) The eternal things are REAL. They are the REAL THING, and that's where our focus needs to be.

So when your hands are tied and the circumstances of your situation are in your face; when the facade, the painted canvas, the mountain of lack that appears SO real, and the stress of it's appearance has backed you up to a wall, and you have no way out and no way of escape, let the Spirit of the living God on the inside of you, the Spirit of the "I AM" rise up, and begin speaking and declaring the truth of who you are and what is yours in Christ Jesus! Begin to use the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, and slash that facade, that painted canvas of the mountain of lack to pieces. Begin to speak and declare with the authority and conviction of the believer who knows the truth of who he is in Christ and knows what's been purchased for him through the blood of the Lamb, and begin to cut to pieces the intimidating facade and canvas of lies that stands before you as the redeemed of the Lord. Don't let the facade of circumstances defeat you, but rise up in your spirit man and declare the truth! It's the truth that will set you free. It's the truth that needs to come out of your mouth and out of the depths of the Spirit of the living God on the inside of you. THAT'S kingdom authority. That's the authority that cuts through the impossible and exposes and reveals and manifests the truth. The Spirit of God wants to rise up in His children, in the ones that have sought Him with their whole heart. He wants to expose and manifest His power and greatness in their lives as they draw upon His life and power and authority within themselves. 

So rise up! Put the enemy in his defeated place! Don't let that facade, that painted canvas of circumstances send you into a spiral of depression and discouragement. Let it be the trigger that sets off your spirit shouting forth the praises of your God, the One that is all powerful, the One that is your vindicator, the One that is your Savior, your Deliverer, your Redeemer, the One that is faithful to save. Let it be the trigger that sets off the Words of truth that cuts through the facade and that painted canvas and exposes the reality of the truth. "Let the weak say I am strong. Let the poor say I am rich!" In the Lord you ARE these things. In the Lord you ARE redeemed and manifesting the glory of God. In the Lord you HAVE the victory! "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!"

Lets turn things around by speaking God's Word. Let's declare the truth of God in the face of the enemy and in the face of his huge pile of circumstances. Let's do it God's way and give God a chance. Say what He says and put ALL your trust in Him. Amen?!


17 July 2012

Giant Slayers and Drinkers

God says, "I'm making you giant slayers. But first I'm making you drinkers.

There are giants on the land; giants like poverty and homelessness, giants like addiction, religion, pornography, cancer and AIDS. And I am making you giant slayers to face these giants and bring them down as David did, but first I'm making you drinkers. FIRST you must become drinkers. 

I am taking you past the altar of prayer and into My presence where you will learn to drink of Me, where you will learn to drink and be filled with My presence and with My love. It's My love that never fails. It's My love and My presence that conquers all. It's My love and the anointing of My presence that you will carry with you that will be your victory and that will slay any and every giant that you face. You MUST become drinkers. You must learn to drink of the living waters of My presence. You must learn to go past the altar of prayer, learn to sit quietly with Me and just listen, hear My voice and drink. It's here in the secret place of My presence that you will find the refreshing of your soul, the strengthening of your spirit, and the wisdom and leading of My will. It's here in the secret place that you will learn to rest and receive the empowerment and the anointing you'll need to face and slay every giant and walk confidently through any situation or any circumstance that you may go through. And it's here that I will give you Me eyes so you can see, My ears to hear and My heart to understand.

Become drinkers. Learn to drink and just BE with Me. I love you and have SO much to give you and impart to you. Take the time to come and just be with Me. Take the time to drink. Take the time to rest behind the veil in the secret place of My presence. Take the time. Drink. Drink. Drink."

"If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink.
He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said,
'From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water."
John 7:37-38

24 June 2012

God Says

God Says

God says, "I see the blood upon the mercy seat, and the full payment has been made for your redemption. I don't care what any devil or circumstance says. YOU ARE BLESSED. You have been redeemed back into covenant and right relationship with Me, and therefore you are blessed beyond measure. Wealth and riches are in your house. The wealth of the wicked has been laid up for you, and I release that wealth into your person right now. RECEIVE IT!  Get into a receiving position and mindset and begin to receive what I AM releasing upon your life right now. Begin to thank Me and praise Me for the blessing and outpouring upon your life. Enter into that thanksgiving before you even see the blessing. Your thanksgiving and praise is like a magnet that draws that blessing to you. It creates a highway and a clear road for its delivery. It's by grace, and I've made it by faith, and it's your faith that receives. So RECEIVE! Receive and rejoice for the blessing and outpouring is yours! You are My child, and all that is Mine is yours for the receiving. I love you with an everlasting love. Receive My love. Receive My grace. Receive My outpouring."

08 June 2012

God Sees

God Sees

God sees your situation. He sees your condition. He sees the snare of lies and symptoms that the devil has ensnared you in. He sees....... and He is inflamed with compassionate love.

But our God also sees the blood upon the mercy seat, the blood that He shed for you and for me. He sees and knows all that it represents, all that it cost Him, all that He went through to purchase your freedom, your salvation, your healing, your prosperity and your kingdom position beside Him on the throne in heaven......and He is enraged. He is enraged by the enemy's lies, by the bondage and pain the devil's ensnared you with, by the net he's thrown over you. And so our God comes with a jealous and holy vindication to vindicate His blood and set you free. He comes as a consuming fire to consume your enemies, to vindicate His blood, and to prove once again that YOU ARE HIS and that His jealous love for you will NOT be overridden by anyone or anything, especially NOT by a lying devil.
Jesus is Lord. He is the Lion of Judah. He is the Lord of lords and King of kings. He is the Great I AM. He is Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, the Alpha and Omega, the Author and Finisher, the Healer and Redeemer. And He is passionately and compassionately in love with you. He is a jealous God and a consuming fire.

So come, Lord Jesus, come. Come fire of God and consume our enemies and ignite us with a holy fire. Let our lives burn brightly and passionately for You. Have Your way in us today so that Your power and Your glory may be seen and revealed for all the world to see. Amen

People, I pray we get this into our spirit. I pray that we rise up into our position in Christ and feel His heart and His vindicating love upon our situation and the situation of our family and friends that do not line up with the Word and will of God. Get this into your spirit, see it from His perspective, pray in the Spirit, rise up into your position in Christ and release His fire, release His vindication and mercy upon our lives, and partner with the Holy Spirit to release God's power in this hour. We have got to get in our seat of authority in Christ and position ourselves for His release. He has the power and anointing, and He is looking for vessels to release it through. We are the vessels, and we are looking for the power and anointing. Make yourself available. BE His vessel. Step into that place and position in Christ. Respond to the Spirit as He moves upon you and see God move on your behalf. Come fire of God! Come!

 "There I will meet with you; 
and from above the mercy seat, 
from between the two cherubim 
which are upon the ark of the testimony, 
I will speak to you about all that I will give you 
in commandment for the sons of Israel."
Exodus 25:22

30 April 2012

New Grace - New Beginning

The Grace of Joy

"Consider it all joy, my brethern,
 when you encounter various trials, knowing
that the testing of your faith produces endurance.
And let endurance have its perfect result, that you
may be perfect and complete and lacking in nothing."
James 1;2,3

"In everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you."
1 Thes 5:18

"The joy of the Lord is your strength."
Neh 8:10

Set your course on JOY. It is the Lord's will and way. It will be and give to you strength for the journey. In this resolve you will find boldness and courage to do God's will, for you will be walking in the strength of the Spirit and bearing the fruit of joy. Be bold, be strong, be courageous, for the Lord thy God is with you wherever you go. (Josh 1:9)

Choose JOY. Set your course. God's grace is there to meet you and give you that grace of joy to walk in and walk through any situation or circumstance. It's supernatural, because it's God. It's His way and His will. It's His Spirit of life, love and joy. It's the fruit we bear as we walk closely and intimately with Him in the Spirit. And as you set your course and your mindset and step into it, His Spirit will rise up to meet you, and He will show you blessings down the road that He is taking you into. They may not be immediate blessings, but they are blessings of His will that you will walk into as you stay the course. Be bold, be strong, be courageous, for the Lord thy God is with you wherever you go.

20 April 2012

Grace for a New Beginning

In our journey of faith, many times we come to a difficult place, a place of decision. I call this place "a fork in the road". One way in this fork is the way of exit, finding a quick fix, an easy out, a path that pleases and satisfies our flesh and our old carnal nature and mindset. It's the path of our own control. The other way is the way of faith, it's the way of total surrender, it's the way of looking UP to the Source of all Grace and choosing the path of the Spirit, the path of faith and "Grace for a New Beginning". It's the path that has been laid out and prepared for you already, the path that Jesus has walked down and left footprints for you to step into. The people that you carry in your heart, the needs that they have etc, you bring to Jesus, the Source of all Grace, and you choose HIM. You choose the walk of faith with the Source of all Grace. He's the Source of all grace and provision for all that we need. You fix your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. He will supply all your needs and lead you in the path of righteousness for His name's sake. It's the path of faith. It's the path of trust, of trusting in the Lord and the Creator that created you for His purpose and the One that you have given lordship over your life to.
God is faithful. He will not lead you astray. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. His path is the path of Grace, of unearned and unmerited favor. It's a path of divine appointments and divine encounters with a living God. What kind of grace is it that you need right now? Grace for _________. You fill in the blank and then look up to the Source of all Grace and receive it. Then walk in that grace, for it has been provided for you for your path and journey of a life that will glorify your Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit.

Look up and drink. Look up and receive. Look up and be led by the Spirit of the living God. Worship Him. Praise Him. Bless His holy name.

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you,
that always having all sufficiency in everything,
you may have an abundance 
for every good work."
2 Corinthians 9:8

02 March 2012

Mountain Climbers

God's calling us up the mountain of the Lord, to come up out of our circumstances, to go up higher into His presence. He's drawing us and calling us up. He's drawing us and bidding us by His anointing. I feel Him drawing. I feel Him calling. I feel Him pulling us up out of the miry clay of our soggy and sticky circumstances. God SO wants us to come up higher and be with Him, to be in the intimacy of His presence. He SO wants us to walk and live in the victory that He's purchased for us. He's given us the victory and He's given us the tools to live in it. As believers and mountain climbers we have those tools in our tool belt that's strapped around our waist as we ascend up. These tools are the Word of God, the Blood of Jesus, the Name of Jesus, Praise, Worship, Tongues, Giving and Sowing. These are all gifts He's given us. They're all packaged in the anointing of the Holy Spirit when we get born again. These are tools that we use to continue up, to break free from our old habits, mindsets and behaviors.

There are times when things get difficult, when we get weary, when we just need to rest and "hang on" and trust God. It's times like these that the Lord has shown me this picture of a mountain climber as he climbs a steep cliff, how he takes a metal peg out of his pack and nails it into the rock, then he clips his rope onto it to secure himself and just hangs there. This is what we're to do as believers. We're to take the Word of God out of our spiritman and nail it into The Rock of Jesus Christ, then clip and wrap our rope around it and hang there in the security of it's truth. A mountain climber can hang his whole weight on that one little peg that's nailed into the rock. As believers we can rest our weight and the security of our life on that one little Word of God that's nailed into the Rock of Jesus Christ. It's our security. It's our resting place. It's a Word that He's given us for that time, for that part of our ascent to hang our weight onto and just rest in the security of His love and truth.

He's teaching us to be mountain climbers in the Spirit, to climb and ascend the mountain of the Lord and be in His presence. He's given us the tool of His Name (Jesus-the name above all names), the tool of His Blood, the tools of His Word, tools of worship and praise, tools of speaking in tongues that speak His perfect will and release revelation into our spirit man, tools of giving and sowing that release increase. He's not drawn us up this spiritual mountain unequipped. God has fully equipped us for all we need for the ascent. We just need to use the tools that He's given us and press on and press in.

Onward Christian soldiers!

Zion is calling us.

19 February 2012

Cause a Landslide of Blessings

I want to share something that has been strong in my spirit all week since our last Monday night intercessors prayer meeting. It started from a prophetic act that we did during a time that we were pressing into the release of finances and blessings upon the people. One of the intercessors began to stomp her heal into the ground and declare, "We are on top of the mountain, and we are breaking off the rocks of His blessings and causing a landslide of His blessing and finances to fall down on the people." When she declared this we all caught that image and declaration in the Spirit and began to join in and stomp with our heals and declare this proclamation. And as we did, it set us into a prophetic stomping and then released us into a dancing of victory and rejoicing as we saw the landslide and avalanche of blessings being released on the house and onto the people. It was such a time of victory we had, such a time of dancing on the mountaintop in our victory and our rejoicing.

Since that night I have continued to feel the anointing on that act and that declaration as the Lord has continued to bring that word back into my spirit and use it to declare and decree a landslide of finances and blessing to be released over my family and over my church and even over co-workers that have shared with me the dire circumstances that they are facing right now. This last week when one co-worker shared, the Lord just prompted me to take that position of authority and victory on the mountaintop and begin to stomp with my heal right in front of her and declare a release and landslide of blessings, favor and finances to come upon her and her family. I shared the experience we had at prayer and what God was wanting to do in our lives as we go up higher into our place of victory and authority over the circumstances.
The Lord was showing me that the rock we were stomping our heal into was Jesus Christ. He is the Rock. And as we do this we are putting a demand on the grace and mercy and blessings of favor that are found in that Rock. It's His grace, and it's His mercy that He has purchased for us and the people, and we are to go to the high place of His presence and put a demand on that grace and mercy and favor to be released. As intercessors that is what we are called to do, to stand in the gap, to bring the needs of the people before God and put a demand on the grace, mercy and favor of God through Jesus Christ to be released. God is into blessing His children. He wants to bless us.  And His eyes "look to and fro across the earth to strongly support those whose heart is completely His." He will respond with a landslide of blessings, with a landslide of grace and mercy, when we come to Him with hearts that are fully His, when we take a stand on the Rock of who we are in Christ and put a demand on that grace and mercy that is ours in Christ Jesus. God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. He is faithful and He watches over His Word to perform it. He is looking for people that will rise up out of their circumstances and come up to the mountain of the Lord, into the high place of His presence and seek His face and His heart, and place a demand on His grace, on His unearned, unmerited favor to be released. He delights in our position that we take in Him. He loves to see us take our place in the Kingdom, to take our position above the circumstances and put a demand on His love and His grace. He is ready to respond to His children that have left behind the things of the world and their dependency on the world's system and have come up to the mountain of the Lord to seek His face and to plead His cause for the need of the people. He is not an angry God. He is a God full of love and mercy and grace that is drawing us up higher out of our bondages and dependancies of the world. He wants our hearts and He wants us to rise up in who we are IN Him.

So let us come up to the mountain of the Lord. Let us come up higher out of our circumstances and into His presence, into our secret place, and into our positions IN Christ. Let us put a demand on the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, out Rock and our Deliverer, our Redeemer and King.

"Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord?
And who may stand in His holy place"
He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
Who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood,
And has not sworn deceitfully.
He shall receive a blessing from the Lord
And righteousness from the God of his salvation.
This is the generation of those who seek Him,
Who seek His face--even Jacob."
Psalm 24:3-6

2 Chron 16:9; Heb 11:6; 1Cor 1:9; Jer 1:12; Ps 18:1-2

13 February 2012

Slipping Into the River

The other day the Lord showed me a river and many of us were in the river enjoying its refreshing and life, but there were a lot of people, many family members and friends, etc, that were standing on the river bank that wouldn't get in even though we had encouraged them to.  Then the Lord showed me that it started to rain, and it rained and rained, and the rain began to make the river bank slippery. Then all of the sudden the people began to start slipping off the river bank and into the river. It was the rain of God's love that was coming down on them and causing the stronghold of the river bank that they stood on to become slippery and make them slip into it. He showed me that it's God's love that just sweeps us off our feet and takes us into the river of His life and Spirit. Praise God, His love never fails. He is SO faithful.
This prophetic vision really encouraged me as He showed me family members and friends that I have carried in my heart and prayed for for many years to enter into the things of God, to receive His love and grace and to say "Yes" to Him and just believe that He IS.

Lord, thank You for this picture. Thank You for Your river of Love, for the river of Your Spirit that comes down from Your throne in heaven and pours into our lives. Thank You for Your grace that abounds to us because of Your Son Jesus that gave His life, that shed His blood, that paid for our sins, that redeemed us back into our covenant relationship with You. Thank You for loving us when we are unlovely, for protecting us and keeping us, for keeping us from the evil one. Thank You for meeting our needs, for providing and blessing us when we look to You for help and provision. Thank You for Your faithfulness, for Your love that never fails, for Your grace that is sufficient to carry us and keep us. Thank You for the rain of Your Spirit, the rain of Your love. Cause Your rain of love to fall heavy on us, Lord. Cause it to sweep us off our feet. We love You, Jesus. We embrace Your love and we give You our lives, our hearts, our minds, our everything. Do all that You want to do in us that we may reflect Your love and glory to others and to this world. Amen

Rev. 22:1; 1 Cor 13:8; 2 Cor 12:9; Phil 4:19

04 February 2012

LACK - Lies Against Christ's Kingdom

I want to share a place and revelation the Lord led me to this last week that was powerful, impacting and life changing to me, and I pray it will be for you as well. It began with a sister in the Lord asking us, the Sunday morning intercessors, for prayer as she shared a vision she had of going up the mountain of the Lord. As she climbed in the Spirit and got higher and higher, fear came over her when she remembered and realized that she was afraid of heights in the natural. (Going across bridges terrifies her.) So she turned around and started to go down the mountain instead of going higher. She asked for prayer to break fear off of her so she could go higher in the things of God. She knew this fear of heights in the natural was limiting her in the Spirit as well. So as we began to pray, the Lord reminded me of the word I had heard that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, and I saw this transparent ceiling or barrier over her that wasn't allowing her to go higher. It was really a false barrier. It was a lie. It was a barrier that she (we) had put up with her (our) own thoughts that she (we) had brought in alignment with the evidence of circumstances. I shared this with her and we began to break through this barrier of lies and fear.

Later that week I was in a place of prayer just praising God that He had given me His heart and that it was a heart to give and bless others. And as I worshiped and loved Him in this place, my heart rose up to meet Him and join with His. And then as my heart and spirit joined His, it immediately made a U-turn and went down to bless the people. But when it did this, it hit a barrier, a transparent-like barrier that wouldn't let His full blessing pass through. He told me that was a barrier of LACK, and it stood for Lies Against Christ's Kingdom. It was a barrier that we, His people, had put up with our own thoughts that we brought into agreement with the circumstances around us. It wasn't truth, it was a false barrier. He said, "The truth IS...the Kingdom of God lies within you, and in the Kingdom there is NO LACK. The truth IS...You are My child and you are blessed. The truth IS... there is a shield of favor that surrounds you. The truth IS... you are blessed going in and blessed going out. The truth IS... you are blessed when you rise up and blessed when you lie down. You are blessed in the field and blessed in your home." He continued to say, "The truth IS... wealth and riches are in your house. The truth IS... everything that you put your hands to prospers and every place that the sole of your foot treads I have given it to you. The truth IS... the wealth of the wicked is laid up for you. The truth IS... there is an inheritance that has been set aside just for you that's been predestined for you for a good work that I've prepared beforehand that you should walk in. The truth IS... that inheritance covers everything you need. The truth IS... I meet ALL your needs. The truth IS... I cause all grace to abound to you that having sufficiency in all things, you may have an abundance for every good work. The truth IS... the devil is a liar, and he comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I come to give you life and give it to you abundantly. The truth IS... a life hidden in Christ is a life lived in the Kingdom and in the Kingdom you have no lack, and there is no poverty there." He said, "The truth IS... you will KNOW the truth and the truth will set you FREE."

The Lord just began penetrating that false barrier of lies with the truth of His Word. His truth began to cut through that barrier and tear it to shreds till it was no more, till there was a clear passageway of His heart and His blessings to flow down through. The Lord was showing me clearly here how we set up this false barrier of lack (lies against Christ's kingdom) and live our lives there when we should be living our lives in the truth of His Word. When we live in His truth there is no false barrier, because we see as He sees. We see the truth, and it sets us free from lack.

It was a few days later that the depth of this revelation had worked into my spirit as I had been meditating on it and embracing it, and when I woke up the other morning my spirit sat up out of bed and said, "Wow, there REALLY IS no lack!" It was like the scales or blinders had been removed from my eyes. I saw it clearly. And then I saw these jail bars in front of me, and the jail doors were wide open, and realized they had been open all the time. With my eyes covered and blinded by the lies that I had come into agreement with, I thought I was behind closed doors and couldn't get out, but the Lord was showing me that the doors had been open all the time. I could have gone out all along if I had just taken the blinders off by walking in agreement with His Word.
I don't know if this witnesses to you, but it was fresh revelation and ministered to me.

So I hope this encourages you as you read it. The truth IS.... there IS NO LACK in the Kingdom of God, and as a believer, the Kingdom of God is in YOU. The truth IS... the Kingdom is within. It is inside every believer. Everything you need is already there inside of you. It's already been created and provided. It just needs to be released by the spoken word and believed.

 Let the redeemed of the Lord, say so!

Help us, Lord. Help us to see this truth and act on it. Help us to carry the Word in our heart and speak it out of our mouth. Help us to embrace the truth that sets us free and walk out and live out our freedom in You, in who we are in Christ. Let our mouths be full of Your Word and Your truth. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to understand. And I pray this in Jesus name. Amen

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08 January 2012

Enemies Being Made Our Footstool

"The Lord says to my Lord:
'Sit at My right hand,
Until I make Your enemies a
footstool for Your feet.'"
Psalm 110:1

A couple days before the entering of this New Year of 2012, the Lord spoke this Word to me. He said, "Come and sit at My right hand until I make your enemies your footstool." As I took this Word to heart and took my place and seat in the Spirit at His right hand, I immediately felt a rest and a peace and a strength. It was a place He had created especially for me(us). It was a place of positioning for this new year. He was showing me that this place is mine(ours) as it has been purchased for me(us) by His blood and very life on the cross. It's His place of favor, rest, and abiding, His place of strength, power and authority. It's not a place we have to strive or work for. It's a place we receive and enter into as we receive Christ into our hearts and believe on all that He accomplished for us through His death and resurrection. We are raised up with Him and seated with Him at the right hand of the Father, seated with Him in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

As I have received this Word by faith and have taken this place at His side, I have watched the hand of God move mighty on my behalf just in this last week and a half. I have seen enemies disarmed and their powers broken right before my eyes. I have seen answers to prayers and victories in my life, deliverances and healings in my family, friends and church. I truly see and know that God is moving mightily in this hour, that He is vindicating His Bride, that He is honoring, manifesting and performing His Word that He's been watching over. This is an hour that our faith is going to be encouraged and quickened as we see answers and miracles that we have been waiting for. This is God's hour of power, and it's coming as we take our place and position at His side, as we take our seat of rest, abiding and kingdom favor and authority. GOD is our buckler and shield. HE is our strength and high tower. HE is our defense and our vindication. HE is the One that gives us the victory and receives all the glory. It's IN HIM and through Him that we receive, and HE will make our enemies our footstool. HE will do it, not us. It's not our abilities, but His power. It's in our yielding and obedience to His Spirit that He will work through us to manifest His power. We work in tandem with His Spirit. The Spirit leads, we yield, and God manifests.

Thank You, Lord, that You have created and reserved a seat at Your right hand for us to sit in, a place to rest, abide and share Your heart. Thank You that as we take this place at Your side that You move mightily on our behalf to make our enemies our footstool. You remove obstacles and hindrances that stand in the way of Your glory being revealed through us. Thank You that we don't rely on our efforts and abilities but on Your power alone. Thank You that we are one with You, and You work through us to manifest Your kingdom and power here on earth as it is in heaven. We lean into You, Jesus. We take our place at Your side and receive Your power and Your anointing that flows through us. We obey and step out in faith to be Your hands, feet and mouthpiece. Glorify Yourself through Your Body and Bride as never before, Lord. Let Your power be seen and experienced to show that You are real and alive and living through Your people. 
Amen and amen.

Heb 1:13, Eph 2:6