IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

29 December 2009

To Know Him

"For my determined purpose is
that I may know Him, that I may progressively
become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving 
and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person
more strongly and more clearly, and that I may 
in that same way, come to know the power outflowing 
from His resurrection."
(Phil 3:10 Amplified)

Lord, this IS my passion. This IS my desire. For it IS my determined purpose that I may know You. There is nothing that I want more, Lord, than to know You more intimately.  I want nothing more than to progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with You, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of Your Person. O Lord, the wonders of Your Person. How that takes me to greater heights of Your love and seeking of Your heart.  How that takes me into depths of Your Word that only the Spirit can reveal.  O Lord, I want to know You more intimately.  I want to know the wonders of Your Person more strongly and more clearly.  I want to come to know and experience the power outflowing from Your resurrection in me.
You are alive in me, Jesus. You ARE my life, and because of this I count it all joy when I encounter various trials, because I know that the testing of my faith produces endurance. And I let endurance have its perfect work so that I'll be perfect and complete and lacking in nothing. And if I lack anything, especially wisdom, then I ask of You, God, for You give it to me generously and without reproach, and I ask without doubting for I refuse to be like the surf of the sea that's driven and tossed by the wind, for then how could I expect to receive anything from You, being double-minded and unstable in all my ways.
So Lord, because of all this I press toward the mark of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus, and I remained focused on You, to know You, to seek and to know Your heart, to be found in You, to be clothed in You and to be Your covenant partner in evangelizing this dying world.
This IS my determined purpose, Lord.  Only knowing You more deeply and intimately will satisfy and fulfill the longing in my soul.  
Amen and amen.

26 December 2009

Engulfed in His Love

When I arise to my position in Him and I sit down in my seat, my corporate seat of authority, I hear in my spirit, "Lack, debt, and poverty are defeated".  I know it is done.  It is finished.  He has accomplished it all, now He is drawing me up here to release His heart and His love and partner with Him to release His blessing of prosperity and abundance.
I feel a strong presence of the Lord engulf me.  And as I meditate on Him and wrap myself in His presence, I feel my heart enlarge and swell with His love.  I feel my heart begin to burn with the passion of His love.  I am consumed in Him.  He has set me ablaze with His love.  I feel His heart towards the people.  I feel His compassion, and my heart goes out with His.  He is drawing them up here.  He's drawing them up by His love, by His heart of compassion and mercy. His grace is being released, and His mercy is being showered down upon them. He is releasing His love.

Oh, thank You, Lord.  Thank You for Your great love and mercy. Thank You that Your mercy endures forever. Thank You for loving us and drawing us up here into Your presence and for giving us Your heart. Thank You for imparting Your love and grace in us to love others, to be Your conduit of love, to be Your conduit of grace and blessing. Thank You for Your never-ending love. You are all we need. You are all we desire. You are our all-sufficiency. You are our satisfaction. All that we are is in You.  All that we ever will be is in You.  We surrender all, Jesus. We surrender all. Have Your way. Live Your life big in us. Manifest Your goodness and greatness in us. Let the world see Your glory through us. We reach out and draw them up into Your glory by Your love. Amen

21 December 2009

Arise, Shine People of God!

This was the Word of the Lord tonight.

"Arise, shine for the light has come
and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!"
Isaiah 60:1
We will arise, God. We will shine. We will take our place in You. We will shine forth Your glory. We will rise to our position in You. We will take our seat of authority. We will see Your kingdom come and manifest itself here on earth as it is in heaven. We will see the earth change as we rise up, as we take our place. All mankind will see and know that You, Jesus, are alive and living in us and that this earth is Yours and the fullness thereof.
We will arise, Lord. We will shine. We will take our place. We are seated with You in heavenly places. We will shine forth Your glory. Amen and amen

18 December 2009

I'm Taking My Seat

As the Lord has drawn me up into this glory realm and I'm learning to live here, tonight I took the hand of the Lord and came into agreement with His dream and received the impartation of the anointing, the deposit of His grace and power, His super into my natural for this assignment that He's given me. And now the Lord's leading me to take my seat of authority that He's reserved for me for this assignment. I've learned that every assignment has a seat of authority and without positioning myself by purposefully taking my place in that seat of authority I will never fulfill the vision that God has placed in my heart. This seat of authority is not about me, it's about God's eternal purpose on earth and the assignment that He's entrusted to me. It's backed up by heaven itself, and it's a seat that I must sit down in so His eternal purpose can be released corporately. In the book "Positioned To Bless" by Faisal Malick, (a must read book) the author explains with great revelation about the "secret of the seat", that there's a personal authority that God gives each one of us that gets us to the seat, the place of our authority. It's a type of authority that helps get you through the trials, tests and wilderness, but then there's another power, the corporate authority, that enables you to fulfill your assignment once you are sitting in that place of authority. Each type of empowerment is for a purpose. He explains that creation waits for you to take your seat, because without you doing so the eternal purpose of God can not be released. He has chosen YOU for an assignment and He will anoint YOU for it. Other people's deliverance and victories are waiting and depending on you taking your seat. You are the carrier of their promise.

I see it now, Lord. I understand the importance of me taking my seat. I thank You for the grace and the authority that You've given me to bring me into this place, into this realm and this seat of authority. Thank You for giving me understanding of this. I take my position, Lord.  I accept the invitation and this corporate assignment, and I sit in the seat that You have created for me for this work of Your Spirit. Do now, Lord, through and with me, all that You have in Your heart and mind. Release Your blessing in and through me so that I may be a blessing. Make a public display out of the enemy through this completed and fulfilled assignment.  I say, "Yes, Lord" as I take my seat.  And now, Lord, I ask You to give me greater revelation of this seat of authority. Give me greater revelation of this glory realm that we are created for that I may release it to others and advance Your Kingdom in this hour. Amen

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
For He has anointed me."
Luke 4:18

16 December 2009

It's Just a Pinhole

I praise God that my spirit has found its home in this glory realm. I'm learning to live in this higher place of victory. I'm seeing with eyes of faith and feeling the heart of the Father for people up here. I'm pursuing it. I'm purposing to go there throughout my day and connect my spirit and heart with His. I thank You, Father, for this place. I thank You for this glory realm where Your love is felt and Your power is released. I thank You for showing me these pinholes that Your worshipers have made with their lifted hands and hearts of worship to You, and that they have created an opening that You can lazer Your love and blessing and glory down through to them. I thank You for drawing me up here to Your heart to feel Your love and Your compassion for them. I thank You for giving me Your love for them, for giving me an outlet of prayer through Your mercy and grace and glory into their lives. I thank You for giving me discernment and wisdom and insight and understanding into things from up here. I thank You for Your love and the connection of Your heart. I release Your love and Your glory into their lives, Father. I see that everything is pale to Your glory but that everything is created by You and for You for Your glory and You want to be glorified through it all. I thank You, Father, that You have even shown me from here that the lottery is just a pinhole. It's just one tiny pinhole along with others that You want to shine Your glory through into peoples lives. It seemed like such a huge thing below and before when You had said, "Take ownership of it", but now I see it's just a pinhole compared to Your glory. I thank You that You are showing me hearts of people that are worshipers, lovers of God and kingdom builders and that You want to shine through and bless with Your glory and use them to bless others through this avenue of blessing. I stand with You, Father, and I partner with You to release Your love and Your glory through into their lives, that they may know and feel Your love through this blessing. Penetrate the darkness with Your light and Your glory. Dispell the darkness and release Your glory into their lives, Father. Make a public display out of their enemies with Your blessing. Manifest Your goodness and change the course of things through Your blessing.

13 December 2009

It's All Up Here!

This was a rich experience I had the other night in corporate worship that I have continued to revisit in the days following. The Lord's drawing us up higher. Responding to the leading and the word of the Lord to come up into the glory realm, that realm of the Spirit where the kingdom of God is experienced, I looked up and reached up into the cloud of glory that continues to hover over us, and I pushed through, creating an opening with my hands and my spirit. With a desperation and a determination to go up higher, to go up into that glory realm, to experience a higher and greater place where my spirit is free, I pushed through and I lifted myself up through the cloud. I reached and I pushed, I reached and I pushed. I worshiped and I reached. I worshiped and I lifted myself up by the winds of the Spirit, and suddenly I saw it! I'm there! It's up here! The kingdom! Freedom! Glory! Joy! Life! My inheritance! With my head lifted up and my hands outstretched and out to my side as if they are propping me up through and above the cloud, and with my head and upper body above and soaking in the glory and my lower body below, not having come through fully yet, I experience a whole new dimension in the Spirit. It's the kingdom! It's the realm of glory where I am free!, where I am blessed beyond recognition, where I am strong in the Lord and bold as a lion. It's here in this glory realm that I am experiencing what I was created for, where I see with my eyes clearly, with eyes of faith, but it doesn't even seem like faith, because it REALLY IS reality! It is the place that my Spirit was created for, to live and operate and speak from. It's the place of the kingdom where I am truly seated with Him at the right hand of the Father, where I have authority and power and dominion, where no sickness or disease has power over me or can come near my dwelling place. It's a place where depression has completely vanished, heaviness and burdens are totally lifted. It's a place where I am not under a burden, but I see and feel the burdens of others and release power and blessing to deliver them. It's a place where I feel and experience my kingdom authority in Christ, where I activate it and release it down through pinholes poked in the cloud by the prayers and lifted hands of the people, where I release healing, provision, blessing and glory like a lazer into their lives, and grace, grace into their mountains! (I remember when we would worship, and lifting up our hands to heaven we would poke holes through the cloud with our fingertips to release the glory.) Now I was in a position to release it, to take my position in Christ and respond to the prayers and hearts of the people and release the glory! He's brought me up here. (O I thank You, Lord!) He's drawn me up by the Spirit to release the Spirit, to be His partner, to see and feel the needs of the people and draw upon His glory and His power and release it into the earth and manifest it on earth as it is in heaven. O glory! It's up here! It's all up here in the glory realm in Him that we experience what we were created for, where we live and operate in a realm that is supernatural and divinely empowered. It's up here where we must learn to reach and live in so that His glory would be released into the earth. Lift up your head. There's a higher realm. There's a higher place to go. But we must reach for it and push through into it with our worship and our faith. It's up here for us. We just have to go for it, believe into it, and finally experience it ourselves. God our Father, Jesus our Saviour and our Redeemer is drawing us up into His glory realm to partner together with Him in this endtime anointing for this endtime glory. We must say "yes" and go up higher! We must do it for the sake of the people that desperately need to see His power and His glory in this desperate hour. We must do it for His name sake, that the name and fame of Jesus will go out across the land so lives and souls would be saved. It's His kingdom hour. Glory!
"But You, O Lord, are a shield for me,
my glory and the lifter of my head."
(Psalm 3:3)

09 December 2009

A Release of the Blessing

"I pursued my enemies and overtook them,
And I did not turn back until they were consumed."
Psalm 18:37
Praying in the Holy Spirit, strengthening myself in the Lord, the Lord has spoken, "Pursue and recover all" as He had spoken to David in 1 Samuel 30:8. So I arise, and in the Spirit of the Lord and in the authority given to me in the name of Jesus, I reverse the curse over my life, over my family and over my church and church family. I apply and activate the power of the blood that's been poured out upon the mercy seat, the power of the blood of Jesus that has broken the curse of lack and poverty. I speak and declare that reversal into manifestation in the name of Jesus. And in the name of Jesus and in the authority and power of Christ, the Anointed One in me, I speak a release of the blessing of Abraham upon us. I press into the blessing. I place a demand on the anointing, and I draw from the inheritance that is ours in Christ Jesus. "For this purpose was the Son of God manifest, to destroy the work of the devil." I speak and declare a manifestation of the blessing of God to destroy the work of the devil. I speak and declare the curse reversed, poverty and lack defeated and inoperable, and the blessing of prosperity and abundance released and manifested in Jesus name.
Jesus, You came to give life and give it abundantly, and by the Spirit of the living God in me I speak a release of that abundant life through the manifestation of Your blessing upon our lives and our church beginning THIS week in Jesus name.

06 December 2009

Our Cup Overflows

As we prayed in the Spirit in a corporate prayer meeting this morning the Lord showed me a huge urn like vessel. On the outside of the vessel I saw that it was covered with small chips of mosaic tials of different shapes, colors and sizes, representing the different personalities and giftings of the corporate people. Then I saw the Lord pouring oil into the vessel. After sharing this vision with the group a Word from Psalms 23 came forth from another.

"Thou hast anointed my head with oil;
My cup overflows."
Psalm 23:5
O how a rejoicing and resounding of praise went up from the group as we declared and rejoiced that we were living in the time of the overflow. Our lives are overflowing in the blessings and favor of God. We see and discern it in the Spirit. We declare what we see and we walk into the manifestation of it as we speak what the Spirit reveals.
Lord, we thank You that we are living in the overflow of Your Spirit, the abundance of Your grace and blessing upon our lives. We thank You that we are giving out of the overflow. We thank You that as we continue to give You praise and honor that You continue to pour into our vessel and we are blessed to be a blessing. We thank You that You are glorified in our praises, You delight in our worship, and Your banner over us is love.

The Corporate Table of Blessing

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
for brothern to dwell together in unity!
For there the Lord commanded the blessing."
Psalm 133:1,3

When we come corporately to the table of blessing and together receive and dine on the feast that the Lord has prepared before us even in the presence of our enemies, it is a sign of unity and answered prayer that Jesus lifted up to the Father in His high priestly prayer at the last supper, "that they may be one, even as We are one." This corporate table of blessing becomes a table where we gather in love and oneness of heart to receive all that the Lord Jesus has done for us and blessed us with. It becomes a table of thanksgiving where hearts are joined together in gratitude for all that we have been given in Christ, for all that we know is ours as children of God. It becomes a table where differences of doctrine and denomination are laid aside and oneness of heart and purpose are joined to see Christ revealed and lived out of our lives as believers. Through the shaking and purging of our hearts we find comfort and strength in the joining of our lives and hearts at the Father's table of blessing. We find fellowship and a knitting together of ourselves through the corporate blessing of our Father, and we become empowered corporately to go out and be a blessing, to go out and touch others that are struggling and don't know that there even is a table of blessing that they can go to.
O how I see the Father drawing us to this table of blessing in this hour. How He desires to see His children gathered together around His table in thanksgiving and gratitude for all that He has given and provided for us. How He is pleased when we join our hearts and hands in corporate worship and prayer and go out into the world in the spirit of unity to touch the lives of others.
May we see this done on a grander scale in this last hour, Lord. We want to please You, Father. We want to be one just as You, Jesus, and our Father were one. Amen

04 December 2009

The Table of Blessing

If you are in a desperate situation, if you are finding yourself between a rock and a hard place, surrounded by the impossible and don't know any way out, you are at a good place. God wants you to know, really know, that He has "prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies." It's in these places of desperation that we come to terms with the truth, and ask ourselves, "What IS the truth? We have to ask ourselves, "Is it the circumstances that are surrounding me and that are subject to change that are the truth, or is it God's Word that never changes that is the truth?" Are we REALLY going to believe God's Word? Is HE a God of truth or is He a liar? Will He do what He said He will do?"
It's in these desperate situations we receive the opportunity, and we choose to come and sit at the table that He has prepared before us in the presence of our enemies and in the presence of all the impossible circumstances that surround us. We have no other place to go but to God. He's the only one that can help us now. So we come to the table of truth, the table of His blessing. We look around the table and we see what we will see.
What has He laid out on the table before YOU?

My table says He meets all of my needs in Christ Jesus. It says I am blessed with every spiritual blessing. It says that when I give that it will be given to me, pressed down shaken together and running over, that men will give into my bosom. It says that when I honor God with my first fruits, and I bring my tithes and offerings into the storehouse that He will open up for me the windows of heaven and He will pour out on me a blessing that there's not room enough to receive it, and He will rebuke the devour for my sake. It says that when I seek Him and His kingdom first and make HIM my priority that all these other things will be added to me, that I don't have to strive for them, they are given to me.

When I look around at my table I see promises and I feel peace and love. So I choose in this desperate hour to sit at my table of blessing, the table that God has prepared before me in the presence of my enemies in the impossible circumstances that surround me. I choose to meditate on His truths and believe HIM. It's a choice that I make. God's come to give me life and give it abundantly when I choose HIM, when I choose His Son, Jesus. It's like coming to a fork in the road. You have to choose which path to take, faith and trust in God or fear and doubt and unbelief. His path leads to life, the other leads to death. God says, "Choose LIFE". He is faithful. He WILL lead you out of your circumstances as you trust, lean on and follow Him.

Ps 23:5, Phil 4:9, Eph 1:3, Luke 6:38, Mal 3:10, Matt 6: 33

03 December 2009

A Corporate Dig

The Lord said, "Throw out the net. Gather them in and begin a corporate dig. The provision is in the deep."

So in obedience I throw out the net and draw you in by the Spirit to a corporate dig. Taking up the gift and tool of the Holy Spirit, using our heavenly prayer language, I invite and encourage you to activate it together in a "corporate dig" for the uncovering and releasing of the divine provision for the Body and Bride of Christ in this kingdom hour. There is a supernatural provision hidden deep in the things of God that can only be uncovered and unlocked by the Spirit. We will go deep in the Spirit by the Spirit in a corporate effort digging past the hardened obstructions and levels of fleshly and mental distractions that the enemy would use to keep us from unlocking it.
And as we do this I believe we will corporately see a release in the natural as we activate the supernatural. On a corporate level I believe we will see doors unlocked and swing open that have remained locked and inaccessible for years. We will see a supernatural favor released and experienced individually and corporately that we have never seen before. I believe we will walk in a divine health and clearity of mind and focus, seeing God's hand through answered prayer in our lives and in our families and churches as we never have seen before. God will move mountains as we activate His gift through our heavenly prayer language.

So I encourage you in the Lord. Use your gift. Pray much in the Holy Spirit. Dig deep into the Spirit with the Spirit. Unlock and release. Uncover and discover. God has great blessings for us, supernatural provision and an inheritance that has been predestined for us for a good work that He has prepared beforehand that we should walk in.

01 December 2009

"The Provision is in the Deep"

As I wait upon You, Lord, I hear You say, "The provision is in the deep." So I begin to dig deep. I dig deep in the Spirit with the Spirit, deep into the things of God, deep into His presence, deep into His heart, deep, deep, deep. I press in deep.

I thank You, Father, that You are for me, that You have placed visions and dreams in me, and with them You have ordained divine provision. You have given me a gift and a tool to reach, uncover and receive that provision. It's the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of a heavenly prayer language. You've shown me that when I activate this gift that I am praying Your perfect will, and it's like a hammer that shatters the rock, and that when I activate it I am digging deep past the hard rock of obstructions of fear, doubt and unbelief and of every unknown and undefined obstacle that stands in the way of Your will and blessing being released and manifested.

So I activate this gift, Father, and I pray much in the Holy Spirit. I dig deep, deep into the Spirit, deep past the hardened obstacles and deep into the Source of the divine provision and blessing. I dig past the superficial source of my job, business and paycheck or lack of it, past any investments or immediate resources or lack of them, past any ministry donations or lack of them, even past any lottery winnings or lack of them and deep to the very core, heart and source of it all. I dig deep to reach the true Source of all blessing and provision, the Source of all healing and prosperity. I dig deep past all the "stuff" of this world to get down to the very root, truth and source of my existance and all that I am created and ordained for. The deeper I dig the less important and apparent these superficial supplylines become and the more important and satisfying the true Source of them becomes. I dig deep and I find not only the treasure and blessing of my divine provision, but I discover more importantly the treasure of my hearts desire, the Lover of my soul, the One that truly satisfies. I discover a richness and wealth that is far beyond what money can buy, it's far beyond any earthly or fleshly satisfaction, it's a fullness and richness that none compares to. And with it I discover new revelation, insight and understanding, revelation that is far beyond what I have known in the past but is fresh and new and opens up great truths of His Word.

I thank You, Father, for this gift. I thank You for hiding the treasure deep and for giving me the gift and tool to uncover and discover it with. As I dig deep I release the Source of my divine provision and supplyline. I bring it forth out of the deep. I release all the wealth, health, inheritance and anointing that's been held up for me. And as I do this Jesus, You receive all the glory for You are the Author and the Finisher of my faith. "Spring up o well!"