IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

12 January 2013

The Doorkeeper Anointing

“I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house my God
 than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” 
Ps 84:10 

3:30 am
The Lord woke me with my church’s intercessory prayer list of people and all their ailments, diseases and conditions on my heart and mind, and He said, "Why are you letting all these spirits in My house? Where is the house that you're building for Me? Rise up in who you are in Christ. Rise up in the name I've given you, and put your foot on the neck of the devil. Crush his head and loose My power and healing." He said, "I've got your back, and all heaven will back you up when you act and speak in My name. All heaven will back you up when you bind the works of the devil and loose My powers. 'Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.'  So I'm saying, Rise up and build My house. Rise up and break the powers of the enemy. Rise up and release the powers of the kingdom. Take possession of the land. I've given you the keys to make it happen. So go do it!"

This word from the Lord was so strong and brought me under deep conviction as I felt my lack of positioning and the weight and responsibility of taking my authority and position in prayer to keep these spirits from entering His house. Then the Lord began to speak to me about the doorkeeper position in the house of God and it’s anointing, and He gave me the scripture Ps 84:10 “I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” He began to show me the importance of that position in the Spirit and how it is so often overlooked, unoccupied and forgotten. He began to show me how so often that we are all trying to find our place in the house, where we fit, what our calling is, what our “title” or position is that we may hold, and we tend to overlook the most powerful position as a doorkeeper of the house. He began to show me the incredible responsibility and power that this position had, that it controlled who and what came in through the door of the house. He showed me that in the natural the doorkeeper was the first one that the people would see and meet as they came into the house of God, so that person’s welcoming attitude and warm heart of love (if it would be there on the doorkeeper) would be the first thing that would open the person’s heart to receive the Word and love of God that he would encounter in the house as the Lord would release it through the many avenues and gifts of His heart through His people and family there. But the Lord also showed me that by the Spirit the doorkeeper held the power to disarm and bind the spirits of darkness that would try to enter through the door WITH that person. He showed me that when this doorkeeper position is taken seriously with its full anointing, that all heaven backs him up and that the doorkeeper possesses the power to bind every evil spirit and dismantle the works of the devil that would try to enter God’s house and bring unrest, unbelief, confusion, fear and all manor of worldly and religious oppression. He showed me that this doorkeeper position was key to the free flowing of His Spirit in the house and the full absorption and embrace of the people’s hearts to the river of His Spirit that flowed into it. He showed me that as one begins to step in and take this position in the Spirit, in prayer, that he is downloaded with the power and anointing from heaven to make a total difference in the atmosphere of the house of God and in the lives of the people that have come to receive.

I received this word and revelation from the Lord, and as I did and began to step into this doorkeeper position in prayer, over the next few days the Lord began to enlarge it and unfold the power of this intercessory position in the homes of my children and family. As I began to take this intercessory position as a doorkeeper in their homes and bind the works of the enemy that the Lord had showed me that were trying to operate there, and then loose the grace, mercy, power and blessings of God and the kingdom, I began to hear and see immediate results and effects for their lives. This encouraged me in my prayer life as the Lord showed and encouraged me in the power of this doorkeeper position.

Then over the next few days He enlarged this revelation again as I overhear someone at work talking about a stabbing and shooting in their child’s school here locally. And I thought about the past school tragedies and even the most recent tragedy in the Connecticut elementary school and how we as a people and a nation are arguing about gun control and about putting armed guardsmen in the schools, but how we are totally overlooking the most powerful thing we could do, and that is to position and place spiritually equipped and anointed doorkeepers at the doors of our children's schools through prayer. Oh if we would do this, if God’s Body would rise up and see and embrace this power that He has given us and take our positions in prayer, how much evil would be diverted from these places.  We are so distracted from our spiritual positioning and so earthly minded that our faith level of prayer has been diluted and we just overlook and fail to address this power and position that is at our disposal.  Our lack of voice and positioning in prayer took prayer out of school, but we can still fortify our schools with our committed prayers of intercession through this doorkeeper anointing. Forgive us, Lord. Wash us in Your blood and draw us into our high place in the Spirit into our seat of authority and out of the entanglements of this world. Give us a fresh revelation of who we are in Christ and what is the "surpassing greatness of Your power" that is at our disposal "in them that would believe", and then enlist us in Your army and assign us our positions of power as doorkeepers of Your house, of our own homes, our schools and our workplaces. Let us see and be encouraged as we see and hear the changes that take place in these places when we pray. Let us grow in this area of prayer and embrace with a new empowerment of our faith our position of victory that is ours in Christ Jesus.

As I prayed this just now, the Lord once again enlarged this revelation as He had done the other day when He showed me the White House, because it too is the house that we are building for Him, it too is the house that we desire to be filled and led by His Spirit, it too is the house that we need to position ourselves as believers in prayer and as doorkeepers of the house. I don’t know about you, but all this brings me under conviction of my lack of prayer in these areas and into my desire to embrace this position of prayer more seriously, to take more time and energy to devote to prayer so that I may be more effective for the kingdom of God. I commit and devote this year to take this “doorkeeper position” more seriously, to act upon it with the purpose to see God’s power released and evident in my life and in the lives of those that He has connected me to physically and relationally by His Spirit. 
To God be the glory as we, His Body and His Bride, steps into this new year of His power and manifestation. Amen and amen

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  1. Such an awesome, needed word Connie. I receive it and accept it as from the Lord and plan to incorporate it into my prayer time as well. I too am convicted in this area. Susan H.