IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

25 January 2010

Let Us See Your Glory

I want to try to share a couple of experiences that I had this last Friday night during our Friday night's glory service. They were precious to me and holy moments, ones that I hope to never forget. I always look forward to these Friday night services, because God shows Himself to us in such powerful ways.
It was sometime during the service when we were all in a place of glorious worship and Pastor exhorted us to invite the angels to come and join us in our worship. The atmosphere of the sanctuary was full of God's presence and the expectation was high for these angelic beings that are sent to minister to the heirs of salvation to come and join us in worship. I knelt down and began to draw upon the Spirit and come into agreement with his prayer, and as I did this I felt a tangible presence on either side of me. I felt a touch or a nudge on my right arm. I knew it was angels. I could feel them and see them with the eyes of my spirit. They were kneeling down beside me on either side. Then in the Spirit I saw them sit up and turn to each other and lift their wings over my head, covering me like the two cherubim over the mercy seat. It was holy and it was precious to me. I could have stayed there forever. It was such an intimate place to be and to experience especially as we had earlier been singing and worshiping with the song "Commune with Me between the wings of the mercy seat."  The Lord was truly taking me to this place with Him and had sent His angels to minister to me and cover me with His love. Thank You, Lord, for that experience, and for sending Your angels into the sanctuary to minister to Your children.
Later on in the service in another place of rich worship after Pastor had finished ministered to us about going up the mountain to experience and see God's glory like Moses and like Jesus had done with the three disciples, I was kneeling and worshiping the Lord, and we began singing, "O Lord, we love the habitation of Your house, the place where Your glory dwells". And as we went high in the Spirit and hit those high notes on the words "Your GLORY dwells", the Lord showed me a picture of myself standing there in His presence and there was a cloth hanging out of my back pocket, and it was glowing brightly. The cloth was an intense and brilliant white and radiating His glory. And then the Lord reminded me of years ago when He had told me to "take ownership of the lottery".  It was something I did in faith and obedience, but it was humiliating and embarrasing. To me it was like a dirty rag that I was being made to carry around with me when it was my desire to live holy and to go into the holy of holies. How could I go in there with this old dirty rag. To me it so represented the world. It felt, smelled and tasted like the world, but the Lord insisted that I carry it and take it into His presence with me. So in the Spirit I had tucked it into my back pocket and gone in, sanctifying it with the Word of God and prayer, and worshiping and seeking Him with my whole heart.  Over the years this "cloth" has been in my heart (and in my back pocket) as something that the Lord wanted to sanctify, seperate and glorify Himself in. And now in this picture that the Lord was giving me this Friday night, He was showing me that it had actually taken on the radiance of His glory as it had been brought into His presence with me so many times over the years. God had done a transforming work in it, in my mind and in my eyes to see the radiance of His glory in it. It was now radiating and showing forth His glory just as we do when we spend time and saturate ourselves in His presence. I believe it was a prophetic sign and picture to me of what God was doing and about to manifest. 

O Lord, like this transformed cloth has done we want to shine forth and radiate your glory. We want to illuminate and radiate Your glory in our lives. We want to SEE Your glory, Lord. And as Moses had prayed this prayer, "Lord, show me Your glory" You said You Yourself would let Your goodness pass before him. So we look now to see Your goodness pass before us, Lord. It's Your goodness that leads men to repentance. We need both, Lord. We need Your goodness and we need the grace of repentance. So let us see Your glory, Lord. Let us see what we've never seen before.  Amen and amen

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