IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

30 March 2011

Uncovering His Flaming Heart

 "Is not My Word like fire?"
Jeremiah 23:29

This last weekend I had the privilege of attending a school of ministry by Morris Cerullo here in Dallas, Tx. where I live. It was an incredible weekend of revelation, and I will never be the same. I would like to share a particular experience that I had during the second morning before the actual ministry of the Word began. 
Before the worship started they showed us a film from several of Morris Cerullo's crusades down in Mexico with the thousands of people getting touched, saved, healed and delivered. It was testimonies of God's hand of protection and deliverance from the enemy for Brother Morris himself as well as Brother Cerullo sharing his heart towards the Hispanic people of Mexico. As I watched the sea of people in the crusades on this film my mind and heart when back 20 years before to the midnight hours of travail and intercession on the floor of my living room as the Lord placed a burden and heart of intercession and travail on me over the people of Mexico (as it was just 10 miles from my home town at that time). I was remembering the heavy pain and burden over the oppression and poverty of the people in this country and my desire to help them and see them free from the oppression of the enemy and the poverty of the land.

And as I watched the film the Holy Spirit began to say, "There is a well of wealth right underneath their feet. Begin to dig the well of wealth that is right underneath them". What the Holy Spirit was showing me was that rather the people were in Mexico or here in my own city, there was a well of wealth right underneath their feet. The Holy Spirit was saying that it belonged to them. It was theirs as a child of God, and it was theirs for the claiming, for the digging, for the reaching, uncovering and possessing. But then as I prayed in the Holy Ghost through all this, the Lord began to show me that the opening He wanted to go through to reach this well of wealth for them was through the heart of the person. This well of wealth was a kingdom wealth of riches of all sorts, including finances as well as other giftings, but it was only going to be reached through the heart. 
The Lord took me to the carotid artery as I prayed in the Holy Ghost and showed me the Holy Spirit going through the carotid artery of the Body of Christ, and like a rotta-rooter type machine, He was cleaning out all the callused stuff that had clogged up the arteries that have prevented the blood and life of the living God from flowing freely through us and to the heart. Through the power of the Holy Spirit God was cleaning and rotta-rooting out religion, doubt and unbelief, fear, disappointments, and the things of this world that had clogged it up.  In the Spirit He kept drilling and digging through it all until He reached the heart, and then He kept drilling some more, because He had to get past the hard shell of the hardened heart, the shell of protection that many of us put up to cover the hurts and pains and wounds of rejection and failures in our heart and the hard shells that form from our pride and self-sufficiency. This shell is so hard sometimes that the life of the heart of God is never felt or discovered. But the Holy Ghost was digging and drilling past it until He broke through, and the shell began to crumble and fall off and uncover a heart that was aflamed with the fire and love and passion of God. He was showing me that this flaming heart was the very core of each believer. 
In the very core of each of us He has placed His heart that is on fire and consumed in a passionate love for us, and that flaming heart when discovered would consume our flesh and all that would stand in the way of His kingdom coming forth from within us. Everything we needed was inside of us in this heart of fire, we just needed to dig it out by the power of the Holy Ghost. Then the Lord gave me the Word in Jer. 23:29 "Is not My Word like fire?" and then the Word from John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
He was showing me that our very core or beginning or essence is His Word, and His Word inside us is as a fire that will consume everything that doesn't line up with the Word if we will believe it, use it and release it. And as I meditated on this flaming heart that was within me, I could feel the kingdom within growing stronger and full of His power and anointing. My heart was on fire! I could actually feel the fire and heat. It was the fire of His passionate love. And as I looked at the people in the film again, and the people around me, I no longer saw their faces, but I saw a flaming heart on the inside of them that needed to be discovered and uncovered. It was the core and essence of who they were, and they needed to know that. We have to know that Jesus is alive, that He is living on the inside of us, in our hearts, aflamed with a fire and passion of love for us and for others. He wants us to discover and uncover that flaming heart so that the pure and passionate love can be released and the true essence of who we are can be released as well. He wants to come out of us with fire and passion, but many of us have covered Him up with a shell of protection that has made us callus to the things that move His heart. Our arteries are so clogged with worries, with the concerns of this world and with misplaced priorities that His life is unable to flow through us, much less through a heart that is passionate and on fire for souls and for the gifts and fruits of the Spirit to flow out of us.
The Holy Spirit was showing me that as we "seek first the kingdom of God", giving ourselves wholly to Him, that the wealth that we desire will spew forth as a hidden well that has been tapped into and uncovered because it's just part of the manifestation and biproduct of the kingdom within us. Seeking the true riches of His passionate heart towards us, letting the Holy Spirit clean out our arteries and break through the callused shell of our old heart, and letting Him give us a flaming heart that's on fire for Him and for the things that move His heart, namely souls, is where we will find fulfillment and where God will receive glory in our lives.

So, Lord, we just give You our hearts, our lives and all that we have, and we ask You to come and clean out anything and everything that is hindering the free flow of Your life giving power within us. We give You full access to our heart and our arteries, to clean out any residue of the world, any callused particles of resistance to Your perfect will in our lives, and anything that does not belong there. We thank You that You are doing a perfecting work in us, that You are molding and changing us into Your image, that we are Your workmanship created in Christ Jesus for a good work that You have prepared beforehand that we should walk in. We thank You that You are not finished with us yet, but as we yield to Your leading and Your shaping, we will surely bring glory to Your name and walk in the power and anointing that You have longed and desired for us, and those things that You did, we will surely do also and even greater things will we do because You have gone to the Father. 
So, Jesus, thank You for the fire of Your love that is in the very core of our hearts and our being. We reach in deep and partner with You as You uncover this flaming heart within us to release Your love and passion to a dying world. Amen and amen