IN DEBT to the Believer and the Unbeliever
"Both to Greeks and to barbarians
(to the cultured and the uncultured), both to the wise and to the foolish,
I have an obligation to discharge and a duty to perform and a debt to pay."
Romans 1:14 (Amp

10 November 2009

The Divine Intersection

The divine intersection is the intersection of time when God's love and power intersect our prayer and faith. It's that intersection of time when the two collide and manifest the answer.
The Lord showed me that this divine intersection is that divine timing when our faith and perserverence meet the Author and Creator of the prayer and the prayer ceases to be a prayer but it becomes a manifestation and a testimony of His love.

Lord, I continue to walk this journey of faith, daily encouraged by Your love and mercy. I thank You for Your abundant grace and look with anticipation and expectation for the divine intersection of time when the prayers You have birthed in me become manifestations and testimonies of Your love. I thank You that Your mercies are new every morning and Your goodness and mercy shall surely follow me all the days of my life.

"For this purpose was the Son of God
manifest, to destroy the work of the devil."
(1 John 3:8)

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